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Our Coaching Options

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"Contactless" Coaching

A new accessibility offering we're really excited about here at Your Audition Coach.

With this option, you pre-record the songs, monologues, or scenes you're working on and send them in to us. Your audition coach will review the video, and within 48 hours of the scheduled date you'll receive a 4-6 minute video containing detailed feedback and any acting/vocal exercises your coach believes will help you grow. All exercises and notes will also be included in a pdf for you to read over.


This is perfect for you, if you are;

1. Looking for a less costly option.

2. Someone who already recorded a self-tape and needs some feedback on it before you send it in.

3.  Looking for a professional to evaluate your work, but would prefer to get your feedback without having to interact directly or socialize with a coach.

$50 for a contactless coaching.

Zoom Coaching

Our main live offering here at Your Audition Coach. 

With this option, you bring in any material you're working on for an upcoming audition; these can be songs, monologues or scenes. We meet over Zoom and spend an hour working on your material, assessing trouble spots and identifying areas of potential growth.

Each student's needs will be as unique as they are, so this work may focus on connection to text, vocal technique, character embodiment, or even physical tension and release.

For a live session, we ask that you come in already warmed-up. This is important, because we want to spend as much time as possible working on your upcoming audition.

$80 for a 1 hour coaching.

Rush Coaching

 Our get-coached-quick offering here at Your Audition Coach. 

With this option, we move our schedules around to get you in a coaching session within 48 hours. Here, you get the same amount of time and attention with a coach as you would with a regular Zoom coaching. The only difference is how quickly we get you in!

As with a regular zoom coaching, we ask that you arrive already warm and prepared to act/sing. This gives us plenty of time to focus on working your material, especially important for folks who need a coaching with limited notice.

$100 for a 1 hour rush coaching. These are subject to our coach's availability.

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