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Who We Are

What We Believe:

Your Audition Coach was founded on the principle that too much of the high-quality, up-to-date training available for actors is prohibitively expensive. Both younger actors looking to join college programs, and working professionals looking to succeed in the major acting hubs (NYC, LA, Atlanta, etc.) find themselves at an automatic disadvantage unless they have thousands to spend on regular private coachings, top-of-the-line teachers, and summer programs.

As a result, many naturally gifted performers never get their talent developed to its fullest potential. Those actors aren't able to step into auditions with the same confidence and skill as their more affluent colleagues, and the result is that the world misses out on the work of countless unique and vibrant artists.

Our outlook is this; we hope we have the chance to work with you. We've designed our coaching options specifically to combat pricing and proximity obstacles. If you're not able to book with us just yet, no worries! We have a blog attached to this site, with tips on auditioning and interviews with other working professionals, totally free. We'll be updating the blog regularly, so check back in time and again! At the end of the day, what we want most is to be helpful.

Studying at Home
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